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A cadaveric study of variations in the formation of median nerve

Author : Ritu Agarwal, Samta Gaur, Sushma K Kataria

Doi :   Page No : 35-37

A 6 week prospective randomized comparative study of metabolic adverse effects of Risperidone and Iloperidone in patients with schizophrenia

Author : Anil Kumar Mysore Nagaraj, Priya Janardhan, Basavanna PL, Rajendra Rajagopal

Doi :   Page No : 64-68

Globus hystericus - lump in throat for patient and challenge for doctor

Author : Shamendra Kumar Meena

Doi :   Page No : 105-107

Alpha Waves, Intelligence and the Orienting Reflex: A review

Author : Piush Choudhry

Doi :   Page No : 122-123

Tibial and peroneal nerve conduction study (NCS): normative data for healthy individual

Author : Sanjivani N Dhote, Suvarana Ganvir

Doi :   Page No : 26-30

Variations in the brain circulation – the circle of Willis

Author : Syed Yaseen, Zuberi Hussain Riyaz, Azhar Ahmed Siddiqui

Doi :   Page No : 37-42

The Intelligence Reflex

Author : Piush Choudhry

Doi :   Page No : 147-149

Dengue virus encephalitis presenting as Artery of Percheron infarct: A case report

Author : Vijay Sardana, Nishtha Jain, Bharat Bhushan

Doi :   Page No : 144-146

Sciatic neuropathy following intramuscular injection: Clinical and electrophysiological findings

Author : Tarun Kumar Ralot, Jatin Choudhary, Nikhil Arvind Dongre, Vinod Kumar, Dharmendra Meena

Doi :   Page No : 141-143

Intraventricular Hemorrhage induced hydrocephalus: Does EVD Help

Author : Shashivadhanan, Chinmay Srivastav, Manish Garg

Doi :   Page No : 106-112

Role of Serum CPK and Serum Magnesium Level as a Predictor of Impending Intermediate Syndrome in Patients of OP Poisoning

Author : Singla Rahul, Singh Veer B., Meena Babu L., Kumar Harish, Kumar Deepak, Sidana Shivani, Chandra Subh

Doi :   Page No : 22-25

Neuroimmunochemistry: A complex discipline

Author : Hanjabam Joykishan Sharma, Khuraijam Mrinalini Devi

Doi :   Page No : 76-78

Acute hemiplegia of childhood, cerebral hypoplasia and homolateral hypertrophy of the skull and sinuses: case report and review

Author : Shyama Choudhary, Niranjan Nagaraj, Pramod Kumar Berwal

Doi :   Page No : 34-36

Intramedullary epidermoid cyst of spinal cord: Experience of 24 Cases at a Tertiary Care Institute

Author : Nitin Dange, Amit Mahore, Shashi Ranjan, Abhinandan Patil, Sandeep More

Doi :   Page No : 79-82

A Study on Pediatric Epilepsy and its main Psychiatric Comorbidities

Author : Niranjan Nagaraj, Promod Kumar Berwal, Monika Sharma, Ayush Berwal

Doi :   Page No : 60-63

Lacosamide Induced Hyperactivity in a Mental Retarded Child with Seizure Disorder: A Case Report

Author : Thamke Snehal V., Singh Harful, Verma Kamal K., Saini Vijay K., Kesharwani Santosh K., Nagaraj Niran

Doi :   Page No : 26-27

Extracranial and intracranial arterial stenoocclusive disease in acute ischemic stroke patients: A study from north India - Evaluation with MR angiography

Author : Trilochan Srivastava, Sujit Kumar, Vijay Sardana, Piyush Ojha, Dilip Maheshwari, Bharat Bhushan

Doi :   Page No : 21-25

Role of D- Dimer in aseptic cerebral venous sinus thrombosis

Author : Dilip Maheshwari, Vijay Sardana, Parag Moon, Bharat Bhushan, Sankalp Mohan, Sumit Kamble, Piyush Ojh

Doi :   Page No : 16-20

Muscle paralysis in a child caused by sudden unexpected intense sound

Author : Yadav J S, Jain S, Kaur S, Arun K, Srivastava A S

Doi :   Page No : 49-50

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